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Looking for an easy-to use mobile phone for yourself or for an elder relative? All our phones are designed with seniors in mind and feature extra loud and clear sound, large separated keys and a high visual contrast that make them easier to use than other phones. Use the filters to help to you find the functionality and level of ease that’s right for you.

Doro 730X


Rain-resistant phone for active lifestyles With a solid design that is both shock- and water-resistant (IP54), the Doro 730X is a delightful companion to have along when you're out enjoying...

Doro 7000H


Cordless phone for cellular networks Enjoy wireless freedom at home with an elegant cordless phone that requires no fixed landline and combines a speakerphone for hands-free operation with separated keys...

Doro 6040


Easy camera phone with large display Stylish and easy to use, the Doro 6040 has everything you need for everyday calling, messaging and sharing photos with family and friends. The...

Doro 6060


Are you looking for a way to be reachable, but don't need a phone with all of the latest features and technology? Then the Doro 6060 Black is the right...

Doro 1380


Easy mobile phone with wide display Enjoy an easy to use camera phone with widely spaced keys for easier dialling and texting, a built-in torch, an assistance button, FM-radio and...

Doro 7030


Elegant flip phone with WhatsApp and Facebook Want a great looking flip phone that also lets you stay in touch via WhatsApp and Facebook? The Doro 7030 with WiFi does...

Doro 6820


Stylish flip phone for clear conversations Enjoy calling, texting, and taking pictures thanks to widely separated, high-contrast keys and a large display that make everything easier. HD voice makes conversations...

Doro 5860


Easy mobile phone with a wide display Doro 5860 is a great phone for easy everyday calling and texting. It features a wide landscape display, a camera for taking and...

Doro 2404


Easy mobile phone with a large display Enjoy an easy-to-use mobile phone with a keypad that makes everyday calling and texting simple, a camera for capturing special moments, and easy...

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