At Doro, we like to think differently about seniors. We believe in challenging ageism, we care about seniors and want to make their lives easier, better and more fulfilling. How do we do this? We create our products specifically for them, designing features to make them easier to hold, pick up and handle, durable, user friendly and ultimately easy to use!

Based on all the knowledge we have amassed whilst making feature phones and smartphones for seniors, we now have two new innovative products to bring to seniors – the Doro Watch and a Doro Tablet. These fantastic smart devices do everything you would expect from a smart watch or tablet – they can tell you the time, read your heart rate or make a video call to loved ones in Australia – they simply do it in an easier, clearer and more intuitive way for those who may be hesitant to start using them.

We truly believe these new products, alongside our existing smartphones and feature phones will enable seniors to live richer lives, by offering them accessible versions of the technology they may need.

Doro Tablet


The easy to use, easy to love tablet Just about everything you love about our smartphones you can now also enjoy in a fun and easy-to-use tablet. A bright, high-contrast...

Doro 8100 & Watch Bundle


Stylish bundle of the Doro 8100 smartphone and the black/green Doro Watch conveniently packaged together  as one retail product Doro 8100: The easy-to-use, easy to love smartphone If you want...

Doro Watch


The multi-functional companion for activity, convenience and peace of mind Stay active and feel more secure with an elegant smartwatch that provides both motivation and peace of mind throughout every...

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